Thursday Five

In an effort to reflect on more positive aspects of my life I have followed suit of some fellow MilSpouse Bloggers and joined ....

For those of you not familiar with Thursday Five it's a chance to reflect on five things that made you "Happy, Joyful, Excited, Jubilant and Grateful"! For me it goes like this:
Happy-My daughter saying "Hi you guys" when she walked in from the backyard. She is quite yet 2 years old and the way she said was like a 15 year old who was hanging out with her friends. Sasha can be such a social butterfly.

Joyful-My son graduated from 5th grade this week. Finally! I can tell he was ready to be done with elementary school so he was relieved. I got some great pics of him with his diploma, I will post them soon.

Excited-The new Sex and The City movie is out today-- whoop! whoop Bust out my Manolo's--- It's girl time!

Jubilant- We had "Ice Cream Sundae Sunday" this week-I am a sucker for the Haupia Ice Cream here in Hawaii. It is made from coconut custard and it ROCKS! Dark chocolate syrup, nuts, sprinkles and whipped cream. It put me in piggie heaven.

Grateful-I was able to purchase a new DSLR camera, my Husband actually okay'd this purchase on credit, in fact he encouraged it! Man, am I lucky or what?

So it's your turn now-- What has made you "Happy, Joyful, Excited, Jubilant and Grateful"? Hop on over to Mannland 5
and get started :)
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Hey! Shoot me an email with your info at jen.baker08@gmail.com so I can get you some pics of the different hats for sale. I love mine! Its adorable!

  2. I love my DSLR which one did you get? That ice cream sounded so good, in fact I think I now need some. Congrats to your son for passing 5th grade.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  3. The sundae sounds delicious. Very jealous. Congratulations for your son.

  4. Looks like you had an eventful week! I'm glad that your son graduated! Congrats to him! =)


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