Sunday Morning....

Ahhhh, Sunday morning. Sometimes I feel like I wait all week for this. I have a mental check list that I go through just to maximize my Sunday morning experience. It goes something like this:
Wake up preferrably between 8-9 am
Shower ( if I can get a shower before Sasha wakes up it really makes my day)
Open every window in the house-(there is nothing like fresh morning air flowing through the house)
Make coffee (david like hot coffee-I prefer a tall cup of iced coffee)
Make a kick ass breakfast with everyone's favorites (pancakes, bacon, breakfast burritos, fresh blueberries)

I managed to get all the way through my Sunday morning checklist and I am feeling pretty good right about now. Like I mentioned before I am hell bent on "blooming where I have been planted", luckily today is making it easy to be in full bloom. Bonus round: Cade did not wake up grouchy and even took out the trash without being asked. There is a Laker game on, so David is beyond content and Sasha woke up saying the word "happy" over and over. I heart today.


  1. Yay!!! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! I LOVE it! Love you and totally enjoyed reading this! xoxo

  2. Your daughter is sooo adorable!!


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