Operation Doggie Delivery is a Success!!

I think champagne is in order! After waiting for six month- my pups finally made it to Hawaii. If you know what a pain it is to ship pets to Hawaii then you understand how relieved I am to have this process over with. It was easier to ship our 2000 sq. foot home, all of it's contents and all four of us to Hawaii than it was to ship two 8 year old dogs to here. We had to wait out a 120 day at home quarantine to be able to avoid a 90 day in state kennel quarantine. I visited the in state kennel facility once and it was covered in roaches and smelled horrible. Considering both our mutts are getting up there in age I was really worried they wouldn't even survive the plane ride, I knew they wouldn't survive the quarantine on island. So we made the decision to have them wait out the at home quarantine with Nana. She did a great job making their reservation and shipping them over here successfully. Currently they are busy sniffing and peeing their way through their new backyard and being tortured by our toddler. I finally feel like our family is complete now!


  1. Hi~ I'm a new follower (wow...not even sure how I ended up on your blog?!) Anywhoooo.... yea for getting your doggies to Hawaii!! I know you are all too thrilled!

  2. Oh and I almost forgot, go check out my blo got something for you over there! :)

  3. Oh! So glad they got there :)


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