FRG and Me...

I never thought I would say FRG and Me in the same sentence. But, alas, things have changed and once again the old adage "if you can't beat-join 'em" comes into play. I used to have pretty healthy amount of resentment reserved for anything Army or Army related. This is the conglomerate the steals my true love away for exponential amounts of time without my consent. How can I possibly support anything that supports this evil entity? Time can change a person, or maybe it is safer to say time can wear a person down. I spent the better part of the first half of my Husband's career removed from Army life-happily removed. He was stationed at Fort Irwin and was home as often as he wanted to be. Then we did two years of ROTC and with this brought less haircuts, a beard, no deployments-- you get the blissful picture. And then -WHAM! BAM! ALOHA! the Army reclaimed us. The first few weeks on this rock I spent crying myself to sleep-I was NOT blooming where the Army had planted us. How can you bloom when you have no garden? I spent a few weeks really soul searching. I emerged, maybe not shining, maybe a little worse for the wear-thinking that this was only going to get as good as I let it get. Busy-Busy is what is going to keep me going. So gosh darn it, I am going to stay busy. Then the email came-"POC needed for FRG" (sorry for the Army lingo) and "what he heck is wrong with me"-- I volunteered. Treasurer for the FRG needed? My hand shoots up like the freaking class know it all---oh oh oh pick me pick me! Coffee Group with the FRG ladies-- sure-- why the heck not? So last night I find myself in a small back room of a local restaurant with a group of officer's wife - of which I am pretty sure I am the absolute only one who has ever sported a visible non dolphin or lady bug tattoo-(wait until they get a load of the fully sleeved shins I secretly sport.) Are you ready for this? Surprisingly, they are nice ladies-not fake nice, but really nice-genuine nice. So what if they wear pearls (real ones, of course) maybe I am what they need-- they're a little bit country, I'm alotta bit rock and roll.. variety is the spice of life. I might go so far as to admit I was a royal jerk for shrugging this off for so many years. These gals are positive! friendly! supportive! What the heck was I thinking?Not one of them looked down their nose at me. Damn you Ego- I should of done this years ago! I still feel there is much soil to push through-but my roots are expanding and digging in. Like any good gardener knows it takes time to plant a good crop, I've got nothing but time as it turns out. At least 13 years according to my husband, so roots-you know what to do. It's not a matter of "if" this plant will bloom-but "when" now.


  1. I'm glad you're finding a place to fit in!!! =)

  2. Aw, good for you! I'm glad you met some nice people. :)

  3. Hi new friend! Thank you so much for the very sweet comment :) It means a lot knowing that I'm not alone dealing with this. Thank you!


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