Mamarazzi Monday

I have had a slight obsession with "waldorf dolls" for some time now. I love anything handmade, especially dolls. When I was young my Grandmother (who happened to be the most creative, talented woman I have ever known) made me dolls, by hand with no pattern. I remember how special it made me feel, I felt like I was the only little girl in the world who was loved this much. Try as I may, I have yet to reach her talent level-so in the meanwhile I discovered http://bamboletta.com/shop/.Oh gosh, am I in LOVE with these dolls!!! Recently another Bamboletta "stalker" decided to do a doll hop. I thought it would be fun to participate and we are in a great location to share our unique corner of the world with other doll lovers. "Stella the Gnome" arrived on Friday, so Sasha and I took Stella for a ride just up the road to North Shore today and took some photos. Sasha was more interested in the beach (as usual) so Stella kind of got left in the sand, but we tried.

I think this is one of my very favorite pictures of my Sasha. *swoon*

This photo is actually from Sunday when we were in Waikiki. My little girl loves the beach so much, it breaks my heart when it is pouring down rain here and the first thing she asks for in the morning is "beach?"

As you can tell I am getting back to my photography roots, or at least attempting to. Long ago I actually went to photography school, before the dawn of digital. Recently I have grown more and more frustrated with my limited abilities on my little point and shoot. My husband recently gave me the green light to purchase a Canon Rebel with a big beautiful lense and all the bells and whistles on his credit card. The purchase itself would be interest free for a year, but I am having a tough time putting anything on credit lately. Just to play devil's advocate though-I feel like I am missing all these great photo moments with my kids due my lack of a long range lens. It is really hard to get good photos of my son at his wrestling meets from all the way in the stands. So.... since today is Mamarazzi Monday my question for all you Mamarazzi's is-- would you buy it?


  1. great photos! and yes, i would buy it. my husband isn't stingy in any sense of the word...and i'm weak...so i would do it! lol

  2. I would buy it! And, where did you get that grass skirt?! I wanna to get one for my nieces...

  3. Love the pics of her on the beach. How do you get that color effect in the second to last one?

  4. Love the pictures! They are adorable!

  5. I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say hello. Those photos are adorable!

  6. Well I did buy my camera.. (yea!!!) I will blog about that later. I use a really simple program called "picnik" it's 25.00 a year and it's really easy to use!


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