Annnnnd, I'm Back

Tap, Tap-- is this thing on? I would be surprised if anyone was out there still-but never the less, I am back from hiatus. Possibly with a little less disdain for my current situation than previously indicated. Yes, I still have two jobs-but I actually like my new job. It's not perfect, I am still working nights, but the people are nice and I am feeling a little more challenged and not so useless. I recently found out that I have officially gained 24 lbs since arriving in Hawaii-- EPIC FAIL! Please feel free to shout "beached whale" if you see me at the beach. Being this large definitely sucks. On a positive note, the Hubbie's pay is corrected. Which is good, cause I am gonna have to buy some new threads to fit my wide load. Since my last blog we have had a couple of friends from the mainland visit, as well as my SIL. (more about her wackiness later) It's always good to feel some mainland love! I miss my peeps!
Next week will be just as busy as ever sadly. I am working the next two nights in a row at the icky job-UGH! And we are preparing for a special visit from Japan. My husband's unit has sponsored a orphanage in Osaka, Japan since the end of WWII. It is tradition that the orphanage select four kids every year to send to Hawaii on a goodwill tour. Two boys, two girls somewhere between 11-13 years old. Usually four families from the unit are selected to have the set of boys or the set of girls stay with them for one week each. Since my son is 11 and close in age to the orphans we were selected to host them for one week. So next Tuesday we will be picking up our new Japanese friends from HNL. Apparently this is a semi big deal and there will be a ton of press and what not there to welcome these kids. I have been told to be prepared to answer and few questions and have my photo taken..... scccccrrrrrreeeeeeeecccchhhh-HALT! Can I remind you I have recently packed on a good amount of weight and that despite my best efforts I still look like I am preparing for hibernation?!?!?!?!?!? Photos like this? In the newspaper? Ahhhh, man.. this orphan stuff is going to much worse than I expected. Can't we jut take em to the beach and BBQ some hot dogs with kids without the photo op? Have I mentioned I also curse more than any officer's wife should and I have a tendency to snort when I laugh? This should make for some interesting press. Oh well, hopefully we can show the kids a good time. According to their bios they are "obedient" but have bed wetting tendencies .. eek! Break out the plastic sheets! And did I mention they don't speak English? And shockingly I don't speak any Japanese (does ordering sushi and Asahi beer count?)
So in conclusion-- I am back! I should have some pretty wacky blogs after next weekend, so you might wanna stay posted.