I'm Almost Normal Now....

But in two weeks I guarantee I will need another therapy appointment with my good friend M. I have known M. for about 10 years now, longer than I have known my Husband. I met her in Kansas where we both "worked" at a call center, fielding calls from customers upset about their $500 cell phone bill. This was the place I learned how to "tell someone to go straight to hell and have them look forward to the trip". This was also the job that taught me that I needed a degree in something-anything, or else listening to Jim Bob complain about his cell phone service was going to drive me to an early grave. I have a lot of respect for this friend of mine, she is a surprise ray of sunshine in most circumstances. We survived working at loser central (there are a few exceptions-you know who you are) and have managed to stay friends. When we met she wasn't even married yet, so it is ironic that not only have we both ended up in Hawaii at the same time, but we both seem to find Hawaii less than paradise-like. ( we are in it together now) Funny, brave, honest and flawed perfectly-it is hard not to love her. She listens to me ramble on for hours on end about myself ( I am sure she is ever so glad I decided to start blogging, as I am sure she thinks I might shut up sometime soon). She didn't even say a word when I ordered one of those tacky purses made out of my Husband's ACU's, even after I spent two weeks laughing my butt off at how ugly they were (By the way, M-I ordered another one). M didn't even make fun of me when me I volunteered to to be the Point Of Contact AND the treasurer of the FRG after I swore I never would. She even tells me I totally could win "yard of the quarter" cause she knows that would be my one small win after being beat down for quite sometime now. Now that's a damn good friend.
Every two weeks or so we have a girls day - lunch and pedicures. And now all of a sudden I can breathe..... aahhhhhhhhh. I feel almost normal now. I have been fortunate to have at least one good friend at each duty station I have been at over the years. I have yet to have crossed duty station paths with any these fantastic sublime women twice, until now. It's nice to have M here and since we are both pretty much disenchanted with the Aloha spirit we have found comfort in each other's shared misery. We are both a work in progress-- when she wins-I win and vice versa. Back home in Los Angeles I had a lot of friends-all kinds of friends-different groups of friends. Here in Hawaii-I have M. I wouldn't trade 100 friends on this post for that one true good friend. :)


  1. What a great, special friendship you guys have! Such a treasure :)

  2. Following your blog via the MilSpouse Blog Hop! I look forward to reading more!
    Heather (http://heatherashleydz.blogspot.com)


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