The break-neck pace of our hectic life is really catching up with me. I am working two jobs now, not sure why I thought a second hospital would somehow curb my current hatred for my career-but let's just say if I work the hours I kinda think you should pay me. The LT is working some serious hours too. By the way- did anyone know that the word "Lieutenant" actually translates to "over worked under paid go to guy for every little detail no one else in the unit wants to take care of"? The kiddos are demanding as ever. Breaking point was 2 AM this morning when the LT stepped in doggie poo and it wasn't in a solid state. Early morning visit to the vet, where after a very nice Vet took very good care of my poor 15 year old dog I spent the money the new hospital forgot to pay me. This is the first weekend in many weekends that we do not have an early morning sporting event planned-we do however have a date with Elmo. We are taking the small spoiled one to see Sesame Street Live-- what are the chances they will serve cocktails at the show? And let's just conclude this rant with this thought-Hawaii is only paradise when you are here on vacation. My idea of paradise does not include two full time jobs, wrestling/football practices everyday and a two year old who is strongly resistant to the idea of bedtime. I do have Mai Tai mix in the fridge-there is a pity party brewing, everyone is welcome.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry your last few days have been so rough! I am just beginning to learn the meaning of Leiutinant myself.

    And, for some reason you comment at my blog didn't get emailed to me, so instead of emailing a response, I'll just say it here. YES that makes sense! Nice to have somebody who can identify with that feeling, haha, because most people definitely don't.

    PS. I'll join the party and have a margarita for you.. Here's to hoping things work out for the better for you guys SOONER rather than later!

  2. Oh dear...pls take time out for yourself. I applaud you for working two jobs, OMG, thats a lot. If I lived in Hawaii, i'd look for a 11-4 job, so I can have fun on those awesome beaches!

    Is your husband 1LT or 2LT? I think hubby will be 2LT when he gets done with OCS.

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