The Deep Blue Revenge

Poseidon almost killed us all yesterday. We went up to North Shore, hiked about 20 minutes to the perfect spot -sweaty and exhausted, we dropped our gear and jumped into the waves of death. How big does a warning sign actually have to be for a moderately intelligent group of people to notice it? Surprisingly larger than the 10-15 signs with red flags on them already posted it seems. I took one turn in the waves and got tossed like a caesar salad, I spent the rest of the day working on my sunburn. The kids-ergh, I mean the kids and their Dad's decided to sit on the shore and let the waves destroy them. It was great to watch. They had a lot of fun letting the ocean take its revenge, I'm guessing it is mad about the whole oil spill thing and I kinda can't blame it.

Thank goodness for a long range lens. I had sand embedded in my scalp from my one wipe out. I am sure the kids are still picking sand out of their delicates.

And this is how I prefer to enjoy the North Shore-


  1. Wow, those are really cool pictures! Totally worth the abuse :)


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